Meet the Chef

Chef Yashica has spent the last 7 years working to make Mattina’s cuisine the best in Kingman Arizona. Chef attended Western Culinary Insitute in Portland Oregon where she was trained as a Cordon Bleu culinary expert.

When I asked her why she became a chef, her initial response was that she had always enjoyed cooking and the family atmosphere that existed in the kitchen around meal times. We went on with our conversation and spoke of her travels and time in Japan as well as her favorite dishes both in the restaurant and outside of it. It was when I asked about baking and pastries that she suddenly laughed and said “Actually the reason I became a chef was really so I could make croissants. I read about it in a book and the character in the book went to a Cordon Bleu culinary institute, so that was when I decided I should do the same.” Croissants take a day and a half to bake and if not prepared correctly, they come out doughy. Yashica told me she has tried on several different occasions to make croissants. “The first time I tried to make croissants I took my time and focused on every detail and they still turned out done on the outside and raw on the inside. I didn’t try them again for four years after that.”

Don’t worry though, Chef can make a wonderful croissant, as well as every amazing dish on the Mattina’s Ristorante Italiano menu including her favorite, Sea Bass Vera Cruz. When she’s not in the restaurant, Chef enjoys experimenting with different types of food. Her tastes run from Japanese cuisine of traditional Hot Pots and tempura, to Kobe beef to Korean BBQ.

We are very lucky to have Chef Yashica on our team at Mattina’s. If you get the chance, visit Mattina’s and say hi to Chef and the entire Mattina’s family as they serve up the finest cuisine in Northern Arizona.

Dinner Menu


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